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    Editing and Processing Invoices


    This section focuses on how to manage, edit and process Invoices & Bookings once you have created them.

    First, navigate to the Invoices & Bookings Dashboard by going to Sales>Invoices & Bookings.

    The possible Statuses of an Invoices & Bookings are:

    From there you can select the estimate that you want to edit by just clicking on the invoice within the list. 

    Also, if you select a client by clicking on the box on the left, a feature appears where you can Record Payment. For more info go to Recording Payments.


    In the sections below we will cover available functions by each Invoices & Bookings Status.


    Draft Invoice

    A Draft Invoice has not been shared with a client and is fully editable.


    Functions available for a Draft Invoice:

    • Approve Draft
      • When you click on Approve Draft, you will get the following pop-up confirming that you want to issue the Invoice and whether you want to send an Email to a client.


      • Once you click 'OK,' the estimate is immediately emailed to the client

    Client view of the email:Invoice_email.png


    • Edit
    • Cancel Invoice
    • Print
    • Copy Invoice

    Issued Invoice

    An Issued Invoice has been approved and ready for payment. 


    Functions available for an Issued Invoice.

    • Charge
      • Short-cut that allows you to quickly process a credit card payment for the invoice.
      • Provides you option to send receipt to your client.



    • Record Payment 
      • Allows you to record payment through the following methods:
        • Cash
        • Credit Card
        • Bank Transfer
        • Check
        • Paypal
        • Other
      • If full payment is paid the invoice status will change to Paid.
      • If a partial payment is paid the invoice status remains in Issued.


    • View Invoice
      • Allows you to preview what the client will receive.


    • Send reminder 
      • Sends reminder email to the client with the status of the invoice.


    • Copy Invoice 
      • Allows you to copy an estimate, assign to any client and edit after creating a new estimate.
    • Edit
      • Allows you to fully edit your invoice including adding/removing items.
    • Archive
      • This puts the invoice in historical status and no longer visible in the Invoices & Bookings Dashboard.
    • Send to client
    • Copy Invoice
    • Cancel Invoice

    Paid Invoice

    A Paid invoice has been fully paid.




    Functions available for a Paid Invoice.

    • View Payments
      • View all payments made for an invoice.


    • View Invoice
      • Allows you to preview what the client will receive.


    • Print
    • Send to Client
      • Below is the email a client receives.
      • Action the client takes will send them to the Client Portal.
      • For more info on the Client Portal functionality see What Can My Clients Do in the Portal?



    • Copy Invoice

    Canceled Invoice

    A Canceled invoice cannot be acted upon except for historical purposes.




    Functions available for a Cancelled Invoice.

    • View Invoice


    • View Invoice
      • Allows you to preview what the client will receive.



    • Print
    • Archive
      • Archiving an invoice will remove it from your payments summary page.

    Archived Invoice

    An Archived invoice is removed from the Invoices & Bookings Dashboard.  Only Issued Invoices can be archived.




    Functions available for an Archived Invoice.

    • Reopen 
      • Reinstate invoice to Issued Status.


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