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EMR Work Around - SOAP Notes


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    Christina Rodriguez
    Thryv Moderator
    Thryv Employee

    Hey Jeremy,

    Depending on how the Chiropractor would like to manage SOAP notes, there are a couple of ways for them to go about implementing them through Business Center:

    1. Attaching them as a document to the patient's record - If the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) can be saved as a PDF or otherwise compatible file, it can be saved as a document and associated with that patient's record in Business Center. See here for more about the Documents tab and file types that are compatible.

    2. See if there is an integration with Zapier - This will depend widely on the EMR system being used. However, Zapier can help Business Center and the other third party software connect with each other. Click here for more information on Zapier and how it works with Business Center.

    3. Customizing the fields in the Patient Record (Client Card) - The business can customize the fields in the patient record to allow for information to be recorded. More on customizing the client card here 

    4. JotForm Integration - We have an integration with JotForm that allows the forms created by JotForm to integrate into Business Center. JotForm also has HIPAA compliant forms that the business can take advantage of. I have an article here that goes over our JotForm Integration more.

    Thank you!

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