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    Documents Overview


    Manage your documents, share with clients and request documents to run your business from a single location with the Thryv's Documents feature. 

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    Document Dashboard

    To view your Documents Dashboard click on Documents from the left navigation of Thryv.



    Document metrics:

    • Number of documents for internal use
    • Number of documents shared with Clients
    • Number of Incoming documents
    • Amount of Thryv Documents you have utilized and how much is left



    Latest documents:

    In your Documents dashboard, there is a preview of the most recent documents by client and type of interaction you have had with your client regarding the specific document (e.g., shared, incoming).



    My Documents

    On the right side of the dashboard, you will see your latest documents.  This area is meant to maintain documents you re-use most often. 

    The following functions are available:

    • Grab Link or Send
    • Edit
    • Remove - this removes from the 'my documents' pane, not from the system
    • View - opens a view of a document


    You can also Attach Document to your My Documents pane.


    For a video on how to Add a Document, see below:


    Document Details: 

    If you click on a document, it will display details about the document, size, latest status and the client card of the client that you are sharing the document with.  It will also allow you to download a version of the document to your local drive or preview and print.


    From there you can perform the following functions:

    • Delete - Deletes the document.
    • Download - Opens a preview of the document and allows download or print.


    • View Conversation - allows you to enter and view the conversation with the client.View_Conversation.png

    For more information on features within conversations see our Inbox articles. 

    To see a walkthrough video on how to Request a Document, see below:






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