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Conversation - Sharing Document Subject Line Option



  • Steffie
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    Hey there, AG$. Hopefully our previous post here answered your question on adding subject lines into messages but let me know if you need additional guidance : Email Templates – Thryv


  • AG$
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    Hey Steffie!

    NO it didn't help me...I am unable to send a traditional email, in this case my invoices, no where in your software to a client, where I'm able to EDIT the subject line and add an attachment. As I keep mentioning, my invoices will get rejected. 

    Thanks for response & help. 


  • Product Success Team
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    Thryv Employee

    Hi there AG$, you are able to edit the subject line of an individual message by expanding it in the conversation. 

    Click on this arrow icon,

    Then in the window that appears you can craft the subject line


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