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Creating an Estimate selectable options and without a grand total



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    Thryv Employee

    Great question Keith! We have heard the feature request for a "Good, Better, Best" Style of estimate before. I have added you to the request in our Feedback Center. As for what users are doing right now, some users accomplish this by sending separate estimates and have their client approve just one. However if you also like to export your estimates to excel to calculate a win rate then that would not be advisable. 

    For the question about an interactive form where clients can choose their options, this can be accomplished by an integration with Jotform.

    If any other Thryv users out there have a solution they are using, let us know in a comment!

  • Sebastian
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    Hi Keith! I love that you're using the headers to include the total of each option! I've worked with clients in similar scenarios, and one thing that worked for them was making the individual items under each header have $0.00 as the price; that way, there won't be a grand total. 

    If you still wanted each item to have a price, you could add it to the description of each item rather than in the price section. 

    For the interactive part, look into Jotform for sure! The first 100 submissions (estimate choices) per month are free on Jotform's end, we integrate with Jotform, and we can help you set it up for sure! 



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