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How do I use the company name rather than the given name


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  • Product Success Team
    Thryv Moderator
    Thryv Employee
    Thryv Employee

    Hello there, thanks for your question!

    As for customizing the "Bill To" section of your invoices so that the Company Name appears first, that functionality exists currently. Click Here for a guide to changing this in your Invoice Settings

    Right now, searching in the Sales screen is based on the client name. If all of your clients are really companies, then you may be better served simply renaming the Client Name field to Company in your Client Card Settings . However, keep in mind this would change for all clients, so if some of your clients are listed by first/last name then this is not advisable.

     Functionality to search and sort the client screen by other fields is currently under construction, we will follow up with you when this is released!


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