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    How to Customize the Client Card


    The Client Card

    The system allows you to keep track of all your client's information and communication history in one place.

    Your clients information is saved on a Client Card within your account. You can customize the client card, and decide what information you'd like to save about your clients.

    Client Cards are created automatically with each new client that you add (or import) on your account dashboard.

    You can also request clients to provide you with specific information when they contact you, and that information will also be saved on each individual client card.

    You can update existing client information or add new information as needed, including private notes and tags, for future reference and quick recap.

    To view your contacts, click the Clients menu on the left navigation pane. Search and find a specific client to view their client card.



    Customize the Client Card

    You can customize your Client Card to include specific fields and information that you would like to collect from your clients. To get started, navigate to Settings > Client Card.

    The Email, First Name, and Last Name fields are set up in advance and are required by default.
    You can add additional fields to support your specific needs.

    Add a new field to the client card:

    1. Select the desired field type from the Add Field drop-down menu then click on Add
      Field type options:
      • Text Area: Adds a single-line text field. Clients could type in free text.
      • Unique ID: Adds a single-line text area meant to collect a client membership or ID number. Data inputted into this area must be unique; no two clients can submit the same value for this specific field.
      • Drop Down List: Adds a drop-down menu field, for the client to choose their answer from, predefined with your desired options.
      • Datepicker: Allows your clients to choose a date.
      • Checkbox: Creates a checkbox field.
      • Opt-in for campaigns: Gives the clients the option to opt-in to your marketing campaigns.Set the field Label - Once the field is added, you can set its label as it will be displayed in the client card and the Client Portal forms
        • NOTE:  In the Opt-in for campaigns field there is an checkbox option that reads "Allow campaigns only to opted-in clients".  This applies to email campaigns only and if it is not checked you can email any clients with valid email addresses regardless of the status. This is acceptable communication since usually email opt-ins are assumed unless the client specifically unsubscribes for marketing communications. 
    2. Set the field Label - Once the field is added, you can set its label as it will be displayed in the client card and the Client Portal forms.
    3. Enable the field on the Client Portal form (optional) - by default, when you add a new field, it will only be added to the client card on your account for your internal use.

      You have an option to add it to your Client Portal forms so that your clients will complete the information when they first contact you.

      • During Scheduling - When clients schedule appointments or services with your online Client Portal.
      • On Contact Requests - When clients send you messages on the Client Portal forms or when sharing a document.
      • During Online Payments - When clients make a direct payment through the payment option on your Client Portal.
      • No option selected - Your clients will not be able to see or complete this field.



     *An example for a customized contact form for the Schedule an appointment option:

    Returning clients will NOT be required to provide Client Card information again. Instead they will see a personalized greeting, as in the image below.



    To update your Settings for your Client Card, watch the video below:


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