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    Manage Payments


    Never miss a payment! Manage and get an instant overview of all your business transactions in one place:

    • Generate and send invoices, quotes and receipts to your clients.
    • Allow your clients to securely pay online by credit card or PayPal via a button or link- Even from their mobile!
    • Receive your payments directly to your bank account*
    • Keep record of payments that where made offline.
    • Filter payments according to various parameters.
    • Add additional recipients (CC) to send invoices.
    • Generate and export detailed payments reports.

    First navigate to the Invoices & Bookings Dashboard by going to Sales>Payments Received.

    The possible Statuses of Payments are:

    From there you can select the payment record that you want to manage by simply clicking on the invoice within the list. 

    In the sections below we will cover available functions by each Payment Status.


    Paid Status Payment

    A Paid Payment record has been fully paid. 


    Functions available for a Paid Status Payment:

    • View Receipt


    • Resend Receipt            
      • Resends Payment Received with Receipt email to client.


    • Refund
      • Marks the payment as refunded. Based on the method of payment the business will be reminded the process of refund.


    • The client will receive a Refund notification via email.
    • Cancel Payment

    Paid Status Payment

    A Paid Payment record has been fully paid. 


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