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How do I change the way my products display to customers


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    Thryv Employee

    Hey there Bill, thanks for your post!

    We took a look at your site, and how you have it set up appears to already be the closest design possible to what you're describing. All text content on the Gallery either displays below the image, on the image, or over the image upon hover, all text content (prices, location, descriptions) are lumped into the “description” field of the image and cannot be separated, and the design of the lightbox on image click cannot be adjusted.

    The experience you’re describing sounds a lot like Shopify’s buy buttons, so you could consider loading your catalog there and replacing the Gallery with Shopify's embed codes. Keep in mind Shopify is an additional paid service and it would take some work to get up and running, but with them you could turn this into a true e-commerce site.

    In the meantime, we will add this feature request to our Feedback Center for consideration.

    You could consider posting a link to your site here, and any other Thryvers who see are welcome to take a look and see if they have a comparable experience on their site or could make some recommendations


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