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New Social it is asking Please choose a valid timezone under Brand Settings



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    Product Success Team
    Thryv Moderator
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    Thryv Employee

    Kay and Sebastian, thank you both for your valuable feedback! We have streamlined this process to make it more visible to users. To update the time zone, you can now go to Social>Settings Icon>Brand Settings and you can select a time zone there.

    Click Here for the updated guide!

  • Product Success Team
    Thryv Moderator
    Thryv Employee
    Thryv Employee

    Hello there Kay, thanks for letting us know! Our team is investigating this, and we will post the resolution here! 

  • Sebastian
    Thryv Employee
    Bronze Rapid Responder
    Thryv Employee

    Hi Kay! Thanks for submitting your question. The option to change the time zone in the new social is located if you click on 

    Social --> Social Calendar (at the top) and click on the blue globe icon underneath, on the left hand corner. 

    You'll want to search for the region, add a slash "/" and the city. If the city has spaces, instead of spaces, you'll use underscore "_"
    For example, for EST time zone in the U.S., You could type, "America/New_York" then select it from the drop down, and click the save button. Please see the screenshot below: 


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