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    Payments Dashboard


    Partnered with a no monthly fee, PayPal® Braintree account, online payments allows you to process credit cards faster and easier than ever before at extremely competitive rates. Additionally, you may decide to use the Thryv Sales feature without ever connecting your Braintree/Paypal account. This means you can still track payments such as cash or check, but not credit cards. The options are endless in Thryv!

    There are two ways to get to the Payments Dashboard.

    • Click on the Thryv Dashboard>Past Due Payments


    • Navigate on the left panel to Sales>Payments Received
    • The Invoice Dashboard contains the following metrics:
      • Total 
      • Open
      • Overdue
    • By clicking on these metrics, you can filter the list below to the Payments that are included in that metric.
    • On the right of the dashboard, you will have additional filtering capabilities.
      • Paid Online/Paid Offline/All
      • Status
        • Paid
        • Canceled
        • Archived
        • Incomplete
        • Refunded


    • You can also filter your payments by client name.


    • From the Payments Dashboard you will be able to do the following:
      • Select
        • Select (or deselect) multiple payments to take bulk actions.

        • For example, you can filter all open payments for a specific client, select All and Mark them as Paid. 

      • New:
        • Charge
        • Record Payment
          • This enables you to keep a record of payments that were made offline by your clients.
        • Invoice
          • This will allow you to create a new invoice for a specific client. The invoice could be sent to the client immediately or saved as a draft. You’ll also have the option to Cc this invoice to multiple recipients.
        • Estimate
        • Send Payment Link
          • Send one or multiple clients an email containing payment request with an option to pay online. You can customize the content of the message, the amount to pay and what the payment is for.
      • Select a payment record
      • Manage Coupons - For more on managing Coupons see our Coupons & Discounts article.

    From the Payments Dashboard, you can also go into an individual Payment by clicking on the desired item on the list.

    Additional functionality:

    • Export - Allows you to run an export of Payments selecting the options that you want to be applied to your export.
      • Reports can be exported in CSV or Excel format.


    • Settings - Will open the Payments setting page where your payment preferences can be configured. Among the configuration options you’ll find:
      • Enable online payments option for your clients
      • Connect your merchant account where funds will be deposited when your clients pay online (Braintree/Paypal)
      • Late payment reminders
      • New payment notifications
      • Choosing which platform you want to collect your fees with 
      • Customization of your payment form to your brand and preferences
      • Configuration of your client’s policies


    •  Help - Shortcut to the Knowledge Guide!



    Q: Can I collect payments with my own online payment gateway?
    A: Currently you can connect only Braintree/PayPal as your payment gateway.

    Q: Are there any commissions or fees when collecting payments online?
    A: We do not collect commissions or fees - you only pay whatever your Braintree/PayPal account is set to pay when receiving payments. We will never have access to or hold any funds collected on your behalf. 

    Q: How secure is the online payment option?
    A: We use Braintree/PayPal to collect payments from your clients. It means we rely on the most secure platforms in the world to process credit cards. Your clients see the Paypal logo and know they're in good hands. It doesn't mean your clients need to have a PayPal or a Stripe account - they can pay with any credit or debit card.

    Q: Can I set taxes, discounts, payment terms and due date when creating a new invoice?
    A: Yes. The invoicing option is fully customizable (U.S. & European Union compliant). You can also add your logo and address.

    Q: Will staff members be able to collect payments to their own PayPal account?
    A: No. All payments collected online will be deposited at the admin’s PayPal account.



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