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    Coupons & Discounts


    In your dashboard navigate to Settings > Coupons to create and manage your coupons.

    There are 3 types of coupons:
    Active - These are coupons that are live now and can be used in campaigns or separately.
    Scheduled - You have the option to create a promotion in advance.
    Expired - To help you keep track of all your past promotions and discounts.

    Creating a Coupon

    From the Settings / Coupons page click on the Create Coupon option.


    This will open a pop-up window where you will configure the coupon:

    Display Name - This will be the title of your coupon. This is a unique field, and you cannot have more than one coupon with the same name. The display name will be presented to the client after redeeming the coupon.
    Code - Clients will use the code when redeeming coupons. This will be auto-generated, but can also be edited with the limit of 5-15 alphanumeric characters. 
    Important: The coupon code is not a unique field, and you can have multiple coupons with the same code. The limitation here is that only one of them can be active at a time.
    Time Frame - Select the period through which the coupon is active. This validity period can be edited after the coupon has been created.
    Redemption Limit - Set the limit of redemption allowed per client. You may also limit the total amount of usage. For example, if you want to stop allowing usage of a coupon after 100 uses, you can set that here.
    Applies to specific services/staff - Offer a coupon to specific service/s and/or staff.

    After you Save your coupon, it is added to the list of active or scheduled coupons, depending on the configuration you chose.



    Managing your Coupons

    You can manage your Active and Scheduled coupons:


    Edit - At any time you can edit the "Display Name" of the coupon and the "Valid until" date.


    Create Campaign - This will send you to a preset campaign where you can offer this coupon to your clients.


    View Redemptions - Will redirect you to the payments page to see the usage of this coupon.

    Copy Code - This action will copy the code for you so you may paste at need.

    Clone - Will pre-populate a new coupon with the existing setup of an existing or expired coupon.

    Expire Now - Prevent future redemption of this coupon.


    Client Experience

    Your clients will see the option to use a coupon on the payment section of scheduling a service with you. 

    It is important to note that clients must first click on APPLY after entering the coupon code to get the discount.



    The link to use coupons will only be visible if you have a coupon configured that can apply to the specific service the client is scheduling with you.


    Tracking Coupons usage and Payments

    Under Settings > Coupons you can get an analysis of how many uses were for a specific coupon.

    On the Payments page of your dashboard you can review pending or processed payments that have a coupon associated to them:



    Apply Discount

    As a business, you have the option to offer clients a discount without them using a coupon. The way this works is the apply a coupon for the client from the admin side.

    How is this done:
    1. In your dashboard navigate to the payments page and locate a pending you want to discount.
    2. Apply a coupon to this payment by selecting the option from the bottom menu.



    Promote your Coupon

    You can promote your coupons through email and SMS campaigns. This can be achieved either by managing an active coupon and selecting the option Create Campaign that will automatically create a coupon campaign for you.


    Q & A

    Q: What currency will be used for the coupons, and what will happen if I change my currency?
    A: The currency will default to your currency. If you change it, the coupon's currency will change as well.

    Q: What happens if the client pays with a different currency?
    A: We only take into account the total amount. Which means the client will pay the correct price even if they pay with a different currency.

    Q: Can I edit an active coupon?
    A: Editing options are limited to the display name and end date. The best approach for more editing options will be to expire this coupon and clone it to have the same coupon code.

    Q: If a client applied a coupon but did not pay?
    A: The coupon will be redeemed even if the payment is pending.


    Hungry for more? See the video below for more on Coupons:


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