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    Estimates Dashboard


    The faster you send out an Estimate, the faster you get a customer engaged, and the faster you get paid! #YES

    Sending online estimates and invoices helps you get paid quicker and easier than ever before, by allowing your customers to pay you online, from any device, at any time. (Even in the middle of the night with one hand in the cookie jar!) 

    There are two ways to get to the Estimates Dashboard.

    1. Click on the Thryv Dashboard>Open Estimates
    2. Navigate on the left panel to Sales>Estimates Dashboard_-_Estimates.png
    1. From the Estimates Dashboard you will be able to do the following:
      1. Create New Estimate
      2. Select an Invoice or Booking
      3. Manage Coupons - For more on managing coupons, see our Coupons & Discounts article.



    • You can also filter your estimate list by using the Filter Estimates panel on the right.


    • You can also filter your estimates by client name.


    From the Estimates Dashboard, you can also go into an estimate by clicking on the desired estimate on the list.

    Other options from the Estimates Dashboard:


    • Export - Allows you to run an export of estimates selecting the options that you want to be applied to your export.


    • Settings - Shortcut to the Payments Credit Card Processing setup and Terms & Conditions verbiage configuration.


    •  Help - Shortcut to the Knowledge Guide!



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