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    Create Invoices


    You are about to see how you can create a new invoice and get paid by your customers! You may also use your invoices separately from one another. You can also create invoices without having to connect a Braintree/Paypal account! Check out our very easy to follow steps below:

    • Navigate to Online Presence>Invoices & Bookings from the left navigation.
    • Once on the dashboard click on New and select Invoice.


    • The next screen will have you select a client to create the invoice for.  
      • If the client is new, you can add them at this time as a New Client.


    • At this point, you can start adding items to your invoice.
      • The items can be existing services, or you can create new items to add to the invoice.
      • Available options:
        • Edit the business address and info that you want on the Invoice
        • Modify the label of the Invoice depending on how you refer to Invoices in your business
        • Setup whether you accept payment online
        • Setup whether you accept partial payment on invoice


    • If you need to add discounts or taxes to a line item, you can click on the 3 dot on the right of the item and Edit.


    • In the following screen, you can add discount % or $, and multiple taxes if applicable.


    • Your invoice will now include any items, discounts, taxes and other configuration changes that you have applied. 




    Watch the below video for additional assistance:



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