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    Great question Becky! Assuming that you have Thryv-generated social content currently posting on your behalf, you will need to connect your social accounts which receive posting to the new Social experience. This is a one-time step to gain access to improved social posting. You can locate the guides to connect each platform here.

    Once you connect your social accounts to the new experience, a few changes will take place, that we think you will love!

    1. Instagram and LinkedIn will now be included in Thryv-generated social content
    2. Content will be created in 90-day cycles rather than 30, this means that you will only have to check your social posts once per quarter!
    3. Each platform will receive unique captions, tailored to perform best on that platform!
    4. You will gain better metrics and insight to see how well your posts are performing

    We're excited for the changes and hope that you are too! If you have any other questions or run into trouble, let us know in a comment!

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