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  • Product Success Team
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    Thryv Employee

    Hi Julie! Thanks for your post! 

    We want to help you! Do you have questions about merging a specific accounting software with Thryv/ThryvPay? If so which one?

    Or are you asking which accounting softwares currently sync with Thryv?
    In the second case, Business Center can sync with:

    • QuickBooks Desktop
    • QuicBooks Online
    • Myob Essentials
    • Myob AccountRight
    • Xero
    • Clover

    Please let us know in a comment more about what you need help with so we can get you the answers you need, thanks!

  • Sebastian
    Thryv Employee
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    Thryv Employee

    Julie, that's a great question! If you have different software than those listed in the comment above, and you're able to export from your current accounting software an Excel or CSV file of all your transactions, you can use Thryv's Smart Data Importer to import in bulk invoices, estimates, payments, as well  as accounts! 

    Check out this link for more info:  


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