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    Great question! The answer comes down to the difference between First Party and Third Party Reviews

    The article referenced above is about First Party Reviews, which are also referred to as Thryv Reviews for Business Center users. These are reviews collected by the business directly. These (and only these) can be displayed on your Business Page/Client Portal. There is a chance they can be picked up by Google and also displayed on your GBP, in the "reviews from other sites" section, but it is not guaranteed. Because these reviews are collected by you, they are yours to publish on sites that you own, such as your client portal or website.

    Reviews from Google (or other sites) would be considered 3rd party reviews. These do not show up on your client portal, and aren't subject to the quarantine period. They are considered the intellectual property of the review site they were posted on, and these sites may or may not provide plugins or other tools to post them on your site. 

    Here is a link to Google's support site where they do provide access to that information via the API. 

    Thank you for your question! Let us know if you need more assistance

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