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Why Do I Need To Maintain My Listings?



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    Where is this "Listings Overview" (shown in screenshot above) screen located at?

    Thryv Support Article 6663497056525 talks about a "Activity" screen in the Yext Advanced App but its no longer in the app. Yext Product Release Fall 22 states that this feature was deprecated as of Spring 23. However, their Product Release Feb 23 talks about a new feature Entity History UI which has a similar setup. 

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    Hello, thank you for reporting! You are correct that the screenshot mentioned was the deprecated feature from Yext. We have since replaced the screenshot with an overview of the listings covered.

    As for Yext's Entity History feature, we offer a simplified version of the Yext dashboard that focuses on the more-often used features so that our users can find what they are looking for quicker. However, our logs do still keep the audit trail and we are happy to make this available to you on request. 

    In addition, there is a feedback request in our Feedback Center for a full audit trail for Thryv. I have proactively added you to the request which counts as a vote in its favor and ensures you receive updates as it progresses. Thank you for your comment!



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