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    Scheduled Campaigns


    Set it and Forget it! Easily schedule your campaigns to run when the time is right. Thryv will select the right audience based on the time that the campaign runs, so you don't miss any opportunities to communicate with your clients.  

    Schedule for later

    Once you have created your campaign and you are ready to schedule, do the following:

    • Click Send on your campaign under Campaigns>Campaigns
    • On the Send screen select your Channel  (Email or Text) and make sure you have chosen whether you want to Avoid re-sending to clients that this campaign was already sent to.
      • This feature ensures that if you are resending a campaign in the future, you are not sending duplicate messages to your clients.avoid_resending.png
      • Select the tags or clients you want to send to.
      • When you get to All set? Click on Schedule for later.
      • Select the date and time.schedule.png
      • You will see a message letting you know the Campaign Scheduled Successfully.

    View Scheduled Campaigns

    • To review your scheduled campaigns navigate to Campaigns>Scheduled deliveries.
    • Your campaign will show the client count that was selected at the point that you scheduled the campaign and the time that it is scheduled for.
    • The final selection will happen when the campaign runs, so if other clients fit your criteria by the time the campaign executes they will be included in the communication.Scheduled_dashboard.png
    • Go to Campaign Dashboard and Delivery Metrics to learn how to read the delivery statistics of your communication.


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