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2 Way Outlook Calendar Sync



  • Karin
    Budding Conversationalist
    Conversation Starter

    I have synced my outlook calendar, and now have 2 appointments for each one scheduled in Thryv! what?? what's the correction?

  • Product Success Team
    Thryv Moderator
    Thryv Employee
    Thryv Employee

    Karin if you haven't already, the first step to troubleshoot this is to un-sync the Outlook calendar and sync it again. If this doesn't immediately resolve the issue, post in a comment here and we can troubleshoot further. 

    To disconnect the Outlook Calendar, navigate to your calendar and click the gear icon next to Calendar Sync. Then, click on Disconnect in the window that appears.

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, or if you've already tried this, let us know in a comment and we can troubleshoot further! Thanks for your post


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