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sample ad in marketing center displays wrong telephone number



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  • Basil
    Community Champion

    Hi Bucket,

    Congratulations on making the first step in launching your first campaign in Marketing Center. While it can be concerning to see a different number on your ads, this is not a bug. It is a really great tool. What Marketing Center is doing is assigning a Call Tracking Number (CTN) to each ad campaign. Having a unique number allows you to know which ad is actually working. Important note: any calls received on your tracking number will still go to your correct business phone number, you don't have to worry about missing any of these calls!

    For example, if you are spending $10 on Facebook, $10 on Google, and $10 on Yahoo, the call tracking number will be able to tell you that the number of calls came from that ad channel. Say you get 20 calls. If we used your business number, you wouldn't know if those calls came from Google or Facebook. The CTN tells you 12 of those came from Google, 7 from Facebook and 1 from Yahoo. With this information, you can decide, "Yahoo isn't getting me calls, so let me spend that $10 on a channel that is actually getting me calls". Marketing Center is giving you insights on where you are spending your money so that it isn't going to waste. I hope this helps!


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