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    Certainly! Let’s break down the steps for changing your business categories and targeting your desired audience:

    1. Choose Your Business Categories:

      • Start by clicking on “Settings” in the lower left corner of any screen in the Marketing Center.
      • Next, select “Business Categories.”
      • In the dropdown menu, search for the desired business category.
      • To add a category, check the box next to it. You can add up to 5 categories at a time.
      • To remove a category, click on the X icon next to it.
    2. Create a New Campaign:

      • Navigate to the “Campaigns” tab in the Marketing Center.
      • Click the “Create New” button.
      • Follow the building process until you reach the Target Audience page.
    3. Select Target Audience Categories:

      • On the Target Audience page, click on the dropdown menu.
      • Choose up to 3 categories that align with your campaign goals and audience preferences.

    Remember that defining your target audience is crucial for effective marketing - be as specific as you and and further those specifics in your keyword selection!


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