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    Running a successful advertising campaign involves thoughtful analysis, patience, and a willingness to experiment. It can take time for a campaign to reach its full potential so we recommend letting your new campaign run for a number of weeks before considering making any changes. From there you’ll want to experiment by making incremental changes and then assessing the impact. Some examples might be

    • Changes to keywords or categories
    • Budget reallocation across channels based on spend & performance
    • Tweaks to the wording in your ads or your landing pages
    • Remember to check on the analytics tools available in Marketing Center

    Too many changes all at once can make it difficult to determine which of those changes were most beneficial. For example, you might first test adding or removing keywords. After monitoring results for several weeks you could then consider experimenting with increasing or decreasing your budget or adjusting the locations you’re targeting. Ultimately, a good guide when making changes to your campaign is to consider whether those changes increase the likelihood of your ads being displayed to your ideal customer.

    Finding your winning marketing strategy for your campaigns will take some time and testing. Explore different methods and once you've identified what works, continue to sharpen your focus & budget towards that strategy to maximize success!


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