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Keyword or Category?



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    Let’s break down the distinction between Categories and Keywords in the context of advertising:
    1. Categories:
    • Think of categories as the overarching “topics” that group related keywords together.
    • Categories allow you to broaden your ad reach beyond specific search queries by targeting content themes.
    • For example, if “Honda” is the category, specific car models like “Civic,” “Sentra,” and “Pilot” become the associated keywords.

    2. Keywords:
    • Keywords are the specific terms or phrases you choose to trigger your ads.
    • They are tightly linked to user search behavior and directly influence when your ad appears.
    • For instance, if you’re promoting “walking shoes,” your keywords might include “comfortable walking shoes,” “best walking shoes,” and “lightweight walking shoes.”
    Now, let’s consider an ad perspective using the example of “walking shoes”:
    Category: “Walking Shoes”
    • “Walking shoes”
    • “Comfortable walking shoes”
    • “Best walking shoes”
    • “Lightweight walking shoes”
    • “Arch support walking shoes”
    • “Orthopedic walking shoes”
    • “Trail walking shoes”
    • “Athletic walking shoes”
    Remember that choosing relevant keywords aligned with your target audience’s search intent is crucial for effective advertising.

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