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    Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Harvey,

    We have had several requests for invoice reconciliation, and we are actively working on a solution for this for the future. Currently, we do not have an ETA as to when it will launch.We are always trying to do what we can to improve all functions inside your Thryv. Unfortunately, you cannot delete a paid invoice. You can, however, cancel payment on an invoice that has not been completed by going into the invoice, clicking on the tri-dots and then selecting Cancel Payment Request:

    In the meantime, I may adjust the settings so that payments are listed as Free and are issued an invoice later or they simply have to pay with the link - OR you can also record the payment manually as the business owner. Have the client sign up for the group event, and then issue the invoice after they have registered. They will then pay the invoice and it will be for the service "Group Event," which will mean that everything syncs up to one place.

    You can also copy the invitation link and send it directly through Client Conversations:

    We also now have the ability to add yourself as a client in Thryv, so you can add yourself and book the group event to grab the event link to the Client Zone and send that via the inbox as well. More on how to add yourself as a client can be found here.


    Please share any additional feedback and know we will work on improving this in the future!


    Your Thryv Product Team

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