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    Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Megan!

    Currently, Thryv does not offer an internal ticketing system. 

    You can utilize Thryv integrations (located under your settings section on Desktop) to set up a ticketing system using Zendesk. Thryv can use Zapier to create tickets when the following actions take place in Thryv:

    • Thryv adds a new client
    • Thryv adds a new appointment
    • Thryv adds a new invoice
    • Thryv receives a new payment

    We have some updates pending that may allow for some workarounds with Thryv and assigning tasks. You can also assign things to staff members, depending on your package. You can check out this article for information on how to do this.


    Feel free to comment with any additional questions, we are here to help!


    Your Thryv Product Team

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