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    Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Lynn!


    First, let me apologize for the incorrectly spelled tags. We understand the need for spell-checking and removals and will continue to push for these to be included in a future release. Second, all your other suggestions are fantastic! We will certainly send them along to our development teams to be reviewed.

    Lastly, I sent you an email about removing your "Imported On" tags. If you did not receive it, simply reply with a comment and we can touch base another way. We are happy to help you however we can!



    Your Thryv Product Team

  • andy

    Can I get a copy of the document referenced about imported date

  • Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Andy!

    This was not a document. We had someone from our team go in and clear the tags that said "Imported On.."


    Please let me know if you would like additional help! You can contact us at



    Your Thryv Product Team

  • Sheryl Hillebrand

    We are having the same issue with tags that we do not want to use.  Would be nice to have the abillity to clean up and maintain the tag list.

  • Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Sheryl!

    Thanks so much for your input on this. We think it's a fantastic idea and are working on it.


    Let us know if you need any additional help in the meantime.


    Your Thryv Product Team

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