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Calendar view for geo location of job




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    Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Victor,

    Thanks for this suggestion. Some ideas we have for you to help with this while we wait for Developers to review this request would be the following:

    • Add a field in the client card asking the geography. You automatically have the city, state & zip code added, but if you are looking for specifics, this may help. Once it's input in the client card, you can see it easily when looking at the client. 
    • Set a buffer time between bookings. You can adjust these by going to Settings>Online Booking Options. This would allow you to set a time in between appointments so if you have an appointment at X location and think you'll need 30 minutes between appointments, you can adjust that so you can have time to get to the Y location.
    • Update the Client Portal and/or Website to reflect your geography. This will let your customers know what locations you are available to service.
    • Turn online bookings off, or set them to manual approval. This will allow the customer to request an appointment, but you would have to approve the time and location, manually, rather than allow it to come through automatically and be worried you'd miss an appointment.

    At this time, we do not have plans to make Thryv appointments like a dispatch service, but please know that your request will be submitted to the team and will be reviewed.


    Thanks so much!

    Your Thryv Product Team

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  • Sheryl Hillebrand

    I am experiencing the same thing.  I have started setting up a tags for the "customer" using a code like 'Rs" FOR Roanoke South, "Rc" for Roanoke central, etc.  I can then see it on my client list when looking for someone to contact and schedule an appointment. Some of our clients have multiple locations so I set up a tag for each location.  I then have to edit the appointment to add it as a prefix for the booking description.  This is not ideal because it is an additional step and it ruins my reporting of a service after the appointment is complete because it sorts by this location code and not the service description.  It does then display on the calendar so if I am looking at the calendar and need to see where the client is located to try and match the clients that I am currently trying to schedule (to get in the same area with the new appointment) it helps immensely.  The other choice I was given was to do what you are doing by adding it to the end of the client name.  This doesn't work for us because we have several clients with multiple properties that we book service for all over Tarrant County (and bill under one customer record) and this would not necessarily be displaying the correct location every time.  The location is truly dependent on the appointment for our client not necessarily their primary address.  A location tag that would be input with the appointment and display on the calendar would be most helpful for us.

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  • Thryv Product Team

    Hi, Sheryl!

    First, I want you to know that we are working hard to help our customers manage their clients with multiple locations. That solution is in the works, though we do not have an expected launch date just yet.

    Second, the idea for a location tag being input with the appointment and display on the calendar is a new one and I've got that down for us to address.

    We're sorry it has been a big workaround, but expect that we will be implementing some updates in the near future that should help you out immensely!



    Your Thryv Product Team

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