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  • Larsen, Jens
    Community Champion

    Hi Kennedy,

    Categories are an important tool in defining your business type, enabling you to connect with customers seeking your products or services. If your clients aren't able to find an exact match, I'd recommend opting for the closest possible option.

    In the Marketing Center, the categories your client's select don't necessarily have to be their primary business categories; rather, they should align with the aspects of their business they intend to promote through the Marketing Center.

    Following category selection, they'll have the opportunity to specify business subcategories, allowing for a more precise description of their product or service offering. For instance, while "Carpet Cleaners" serves as a main category, "Rug Cleaners," "Upholstery," and "Stain Guarding" function as subcategories, enabling a more nuanced representation of their offerings.


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