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Group Messaging


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    Thanks for your question Branden!

    Command Center is a great tool to manage 1 to 1 conversations with your customers! As you mentioned, once the conversation goes beyond 1 to 1 and becomes 1 to Many, then it would be considered an announcement.

    Although the content and intent behind the message can vary, when a business wants to send a message to a group of people, there are regulations involved with both the government and cell phone carriers, which the Announcements feature of Business Center keeps business owners in compliance with. Command Center is designed for conversations between a business and an individual customer, and mass messaging would need to be done through Business Center Announcements.

    We are excited to hear all of the awesome ways business owners are using Command Center to enhance their communication! If you have come across any other business owners who are finding new and inventive ways to use it, leave a comment here!

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