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    Connecting Social Networks


    Thryv makes it fun & easy to connect your top social media platforms to your new software!

    Five available social platforms can be connected: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ with Instagram  "Coming Soon!" (Please pardon our dust while we get it ready for you!)

    Connecting Platforms - Facebook

    Connecting a platform follows similar steps, no matter what platform you choose, but you will be able to see how it's done with each platform in the steps below.

    Note: Facebook and LinkedIn require you to have a Business or Company page to use it with Thryv. Personal profiles for these platforms cannot be connected.

    When a social network needs to be connected, the icons on your social content page will be grayed out. Just click on an icon to start the process of connecting a platform!

    To get started, click on the Facebook icon, which prompts a window to log into your Facebook account.

    Note: Sign in using your personal profile credentials. Credentials are not recorded or stored.

    You'll be prompted to continue twice. This helps connect Thryv to your Facebook page.

    Your Facebook account will show the pages that you are the Admin of once you log in. Select one page that you wish to connect to your Thryv software.


    Once the page is connected, a green success bar will appear in the upper right corner of the page, and you will be redirected back to your social content home page.

    Your Facebook Business Page is now connected & ready to use in Thryv!


    Connecting Platforms - Twitter

    Thought Facebook was easy to connect? Just wait until you see how easy it is to link your Twitter account! Get started by clicking the grayed out Twitter icon.

    If you are already logged into your Twitter account, this will go a lot faster. (Seriously, try it!) By already being logged in, Thryv will automatically connect you and redirect you back to the social content homepage. 

    If you are not logged into your Twitter account, you will be prompted to login on this screen before being redirected back to the social content homepage. Sign in to authorize Thryv to use your Twitter account and enable posting.


    Connecting Platforms - Google+

    Connecting your Google+ page helps you get found on Google a little bit easier, and it's just as easy to connect this platform as it was for Twitter. Give it a try by clicking on the grayed out Google+ icon!


    If it is the first time you are connecting your Google+ page, you may see the first two windows before the option to Link. Select the account, and "Allow."

    Select "Link Selected Page":

    Thryv will automatically connect to your Google+ account once you are logged in, and redirect you back to your social content page. You'll know Google+ is connected because the icon goes from gray to Google-Red.

    Connecting Platforms - LinkedIn

    LinkedIn with Thryv has never been more accessible! Connect your Company Page and create a posting plan to stay top of mind with your professional connections. Start by selecting the grayed out LinkedIn icon:

    You'll be prompted to connected your Company page, or you may have to log into LinkedIn first:

    Once your page is selected, select "Link Selected Page" and your LinkedIn Company Page is now connected. You should see the grayed out icon change from gray to blue:

    Connecting Platforms - Instagram

    Some notes on using your Instagram account with Thryv: You must ensure that your Instagram is both an Instagram Business Account and that it is connected to your Facebook Business Page account in Facebook. To learn how to create an Instagram Business Account, see the video guide located here. To connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Page, see the walkthrough guide located here. Thryv does not support personal Instagram accounts.

    Click on the Instagram icon:




    After clicking the icon, you will either be prompted to log into your Facebook account, or, if you are already logged in, you will see the Instagram Business Accounts you are connected to:

    Select your page and click “Link Selected Page” and that is all! You will see a notification that confirms the network is linked and you will see the Instagram icon change from grey to colored.


    De-Linking a Social Platform

    Whoops! Did you connect the wrong page? Nothing to worry about - we can easily de-link a network following the steps below:

    Click on the platform in your social content section that you wish to disconnect/reconnect as shown below:

    Click on "Delete Network"  and it will remove the Social Platform from Thryv.

    Note: This does not delete any of your social platforms permanently. It merely eliminates the connection between the platform and Thryv.


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