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    There are multiple settings inside Thryv: My Business Settings, Service Settings & Other Settings. In this article, we are going to walk you through all of the components under "Other Settings"! To find out where we are, go to Settings>Other Settings from your Thryv.

    Here's what we've got:


    Client Card

    Customize the information you want to capture from your clients through Intake Forms.

    • Add custom fields to the client card
    • Configure the required fields
    • Identify the fields you want to capture:
      • During Scheduling
      • On Contact Requests
      • During Online Payments
    • Add the following types of data:
      • Single line text
      • Drop down (from client defined list of values)
      • Checkbox
      • Dates
      • Opt-ins for campaigns

    This section contains the setting to enrich client cards with public social network data


    Email Templates

    Enable, disable and customize emails sent to your clients or staff members.

    • Supports the following:



    Get full control over emails sent to your clients. Change the email subject, body, or disable any emails you don’t want to be sent.Email_format.png

    Select from the following list of internal Business and Client facing emails:


    Conversion Tracking

    Set your Google Analytics tracking ID, and your conversion code for Google AdWords, Facebook and more.


    Auto Client Messages

    Set and customize the automated messages, reminders and notifications sent to your clients via email and mobile.

    Types of messages:

    • Booking
      • Booking request auto reply


      • Booking confirmation
        • Includes ability to add dynamic fields from the business or client profile to personalize your message.


      • Reminders
        • Ability to configure first and second reminders.


      • Post-appointment follow up


      • Advanced email templates editing


    • Payments
      • Reminders for overdue invoices


      • Reminder before estimate expires


    • Messages & Documents
      • Auto-reply







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