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    Using Posting Plans


    Using Thryv Social is fun and easy to do! Creating a Posting Plan can help your social media business pages stay relevant, fresh, and will keep your customers engaged with your content.

    The hardest part about using social media is knowing what to post and remember to post it. We take the thinking out of your social media plans with Thryv. A posting plan is gathered content about an industry or topic that is scheduled on a regular basis. Studies show that consistent posting gets more reach and keeps your audience interested. So, how do you create a posting plan? We'll show you below!

    To begin, you will need to have at least one social platform connected to Thryv. We have an article on how to do that located here.

    Getting Started - Creating a New Posting Plan

    You'll need to be on the screen where you content calendar resides to take the first step in creating your posting plan. To do this, click on Social Content>Content>Post Plans.

    Once you have selected Post Plans, a new window will pop up, and you'll need to choose new posting Plan

    Note: Plan Templates simply select a category from our Source Library for your plan, which we go over in the "Options" section of this article. Keep reading!

    Name Your Plan

    Next, you'll want to name your plan. Since you can have multiple posting plans for your social media channels, you want to call your plan something that the plan will be about. For example, if you are a plumber, you might want to do a posting plan on "Fun Facts on Plumbing." (We have even highlighted ideas in your Thryv, just in case you can't come up with anything!)

    Select Your Networks

    Here is where you will choose the networks you would like your plan to be posted to. All connected social networks will be checked by default, so if you don't want the plan posted somewhere, just click on it to uncheck it.

    Choose Your Times

    Now you'll start to see more options! Let's walk through them:

    In the below picture, you can see the default settings, which are recurring every Monday & Thursday.

    All of this is able to be changed based on your business needs. To add or remove more days and times, just click on the + or - sign. There are many drop-down menus for you to play around with here, where you can select different days, times, and whether you want to post at the exact time or give or take a few minutes.

    Note: Peak Times are for Facebook pages with 30 likes or more. Selecting "Peak Time" will always schedule the post at the prime time that your customers that already like your Facebook page are online and scrolling through their newsfeed.


    Lastly, at the bottom of the screen, you'll see your options. The posting plan will start on the next possible date from tomorrow, or you can check the box to start sooner. Checking the End Date will mean that you will only have the plan run for a certain amount of time, with a hard end date for the plan.

    We have over 1/2 a million different pieces of content, with tons of verticals to choose from in our Source Library. Click to see what we offer, and you can even filter by "tag" (or keyword) so that even more relevant content gets posted to your social media business pages. 

    Note: Filtering by tag may limit the number of posts for your posting plan. Be sure to check for the "Last Post Date" as seen in the example below.

    Once you feel good about your framework for your posting plan, click Next!

    You'll be taken to the Discovery section of your Social Content Library, where you will see you new posting plan at the top! We named ours "Fun Facts" - Check it out:


    Clicking on "Expand" will give you a preview of the posts that will be included in your posting plan. You can also see this preview from your content calendar, just by clicking on the post!

    Discovery View

    Content Calendar View

    Are you ready to try creating your own posting plan?



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