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    Listings Overview


    Get found faster with accurate, protected and compelling online listings across the 60+ most essential websites, while building your reputation and monitoring reviews from one convenient location. 

    37% of consumers lose trust in local businesses due to inaccurate listings, but your business doesn’t have to be one of them!

    This article focuses on the main view of your listings with stats on how your listings are being viewed and reviewed.

    To see the Listings Overview navigate to Listings>Listings Overview.


    The view is divided into the following sections:

    • High-level overview 
      • This contains the overall star review based on all the reviews received
      • Number of reviews received
      • Number of live listings


    • Stats
      • Contains the number of searches
      • Number of profile views
      • Number of reviews
      • The numbers and trend arrows are based on the time period selected by the business
        • Week
        • Month
        • Custom (start and end date selected)


    • Activities
      • Shows the latest activities in listings including:
        • Profile updates
        • Reviews
        • Social Posts
        • Listing Live

     To update your Listings from your Settings, see the video below:




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