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    How Can I Offer Clients to Schedule a Phone Call or Request a Call Back?


    On your Services setting, you can define any service or appointment option you wish to offer your clients.

    We have three available options to choose from. You can allow clients to meet with you online, in person or over the phone.

    There are 3 different options in Thryv to meet with clients over the phone:

    • Provide your own number that the client will call you at. The client will receive the number only once you confirmed the meeting.
    • Use the Phone Conference service. Both you and the client will receive a local dial-in number and a code when the meeting is confirmed so you'll never share your phone number.
    • Ask the client to provide a phone number for you to call at the time of the meeting.

    To learn more how to set up your service menu head on over to our Configure Your Services article. 



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