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    How do I get started with collecting payments online?


    How Do I Get Started With Collecting Payments Online?

    To start collecting payments, you should complete a few short settings:

    Navigate to Settings>Payments and set your Merchant Account:

    This is done using Braintree/Paypal. Simply provide the email address for your Braintree/PayPal account. If you don’t have a Braintree/PayPal account, you can create one right from your account.

    Make sure the Online Payments payment option is checked so your clients will be able to pay online.

    • Add a direct payment action on your Client Portal widget. Click here to learn more.
      You can also create a payment button that will be set with a specific amount and paid for a specific service. Click here for detailed instructions.
    • Collect payments in advanced for scheduled services or appointments.
    • Or go to Payments menu and send an invoice to your clients.

    Funds we collect on your behalf, will be immediately transferred to your PayPal or bank account.

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