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    Create a client policy for scheduling, contact & payments


    Client Policies

    With your system, you can create a Client Policy to display during the scheduling, contact or payment process. Any text submitted in these areas will be the last thing your client will see before submitting their request.

    This is a great option to display your reschedule policy, cancellation information, or any other vital details your clients need to see up-front.

    To get started click here or navigate to Settings > Online Booking Options > Set booking policy.

    Once there, you will see three options:

    • Text before message submit
    • Text before appointment request submit
    • Text before payment submit. 

    You may use basic HTML in these content boxes, as pictured below.


    Final Result

    See below for what each section will look like to your client(s), based on the example provided above.

    Here is the Text before message submission:settings_leave_detail.png

    Here is the text before the appointment request submission:Settings_Schedule.png

    Here is the text before the payment request submission:Settings_Payment.png

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