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    Account Overview


    This article will walk you through the different sections of your account's dashboard once you log in.

    Onboarding Checklist

    When you log into your account, you will initially see the Onboarding checklist. This is a guide to help you complete the setup of your Thryv and take advantage of all of its functionality.

    Let's get you on board - Configures your basic business info and walks you through adding staff.

    Setup your calendar and payment preferences - Edit calendar, payment options, and service menu.

    Customize your client portal - Choose what actions to display to your clients online and customize the look & feel.

    Start working with your clients - Invite your clients to book online and promote your services through email and SMS marketing.

    Getting more from your account - Add your own tweaks to improve your client relationships and engagement. 


    Go directly to Dashboard on next sign in - Checked this option if you don't want to continue to see the Onboarding checklist at login.


    When you log into your account, you will see your account Dashboard. This will give you an overview of your account.


    New - The quick action menu allows you to create new Clients, Messages, Appointments, Invoices, or Record a New Payment.


    Team/Admin - Use the toggle in the upper right to show only your data or all team data.


    Search - In the search box you can enter free text to search all Clients, Messages, Appointments, Invoices, or Documents.


    Help - Get access to the knowledge base.


    Recently Active Clients - Quickly access and view recent client information and activity.


    Top tags - Shows you the most utilized tags with a count of how many clients are linked to the tag.


    Sales - View overall sales metrics including estimates, unpaid bookings & invoices, past due payments.


    Calendar - Quickly view your current day schedule as well as upcoming week's bookings.


    Campaigns - Displays recently executed campaigns and upcoming scheduled campaigns.



    Reviews - See the latest reviews received through Listings Management.


    My documents - Preview recent documents uploaded.



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