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    Get to Know your Inbox


    One of the best things about Thryv is that we keep everything in one place so you don't have to jump from tool to tool, or system to system. Your meeting requests, contact requests, payments and shared documents all route directly to your Inbox! (That one, central location we talked about.) From here you can respond to incoming requests, create new client-facing requests or client records, and more.

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    Inbox Folders

    The Inbox contains four (4) folders to assist you with organizing your requests:

    • Main Inbox: Includes all requests that aren't already marked for follow up, archived, assigned (requires multi-staff subscription), or deleted. 
    • Require Your Attention: Includes all requests that have yet to get a response from you.
    • Follow Up: Includes all requests that have been marked for follow up.
    • Archived: Includes all archived requests.
    • Deleted: Includes all deleted requests. Please note that if you choose "Delete Forever" once an item is in the Deleted folder, it will be gone forever. (Think the ring when it was tossed into the pits of's not coming back!) 

    Set a Reminder to Follow Up

    You are able to set yourself a reminder to follow up with a client, and the system will send you (the business) an email at the designated time. 

    1. Navigate to your Inbox 

    Tick the check-box for the desired client request, or click Select if you wish to 'select all'.


    1. Then, click Remind Me In button from the top of the screen.
    2. This will open a new screen that allows you to choose your desired follow up time, or you may simply choose to mark it as a follow up with no reminder to be sent. 
      You can also add a note to yourself for a quick recap.
    3. Lastly, click Save to set the follow up.
      You will then receive an email at the designated time as a reminder to follow up with your client.



    Initiate a New Request

    The New button in your Inbox, allows you to create the following:

    • New Client
    • New Message
    • New Appointment
    • New Invoice
    • New Payment Record
    • New Document

    Once clicked, you will be taken to a client selection screen. Upon choosing your desired client (or creating a new one on-the-fly), you are able to configure the details of the item you are creating.



    Inbox Functions

    Once you select an engagement in your Inbox by ticking the associated check-box or the aforementioned Select button, additional options will display.

    Aside from setting a follow up or creating a new item, your inbox also allows the following options:


    • Archive: Moves a request to the Archived folder.
    • Delete: Moves a request to the deleted folder. 
      Please note if you delete all requests associated to a client, it will also delete their overall client card. 
    • Mark as Read: Marks the request as read.
    • Mark as Unread: Marks the request as unread.
    • Mark as Spam: Marks the request as spam and removes it from your Inbox. It will also block new requests from the same blocked email address.
    • View all Staff Data - pictured below: Allows the admin of the account to toggle between viewing the communication of all the staff members or only the admin's communication. 



    • Assign: Allows you to assign the request to another staff member. Click here to  learn more about this option.

     Looking for a video on how to Manage your Messages? See below:


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