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    Campaign Dashboard and Delivery Metrics


    How successful are your campaigns? With the Campaign Dashboard and Delivery Metrics, you can see how successful your campaigns are. See specifically which clients view, click, and engage from the communications you send.

    Campaigns Dashboard

    You can view all of your campaigns from the Dashboard. The Dashboard is under Campaigns>Campaigns.


    • Click on View Stats to review the delivery metrics.


    • Metrics
      • Sent - Selected and targeted for the campaign Delivered - Delivered to the client
      • Viewed - Viewed the communication
      • Clicked - Clicked on something in the communication
      • Engaged - Took action on the communication 

    By clicking on the individual metrics boxes, you will be able to see which detail for the clients in the count.Viewed.png

    Additional Functions

    When you are viewing your campaigns under the Campaigns Dashboard, you can also perform additional functions on the campaign.


    • Edit - Edit the layout, content, and actions of your campaign.
    • Send test email/Text(sms) - Send a test email/Text(sms) before sending to your targeted audience.
    • View online - Review how the client will see the communication.
    • Delete - Delete your campaign.
    • Clone - Clone/copy your campaign.
    • Campaign Settings - Edit your header logo or footer information. 


    Delivery History

    By navigating to Campaigns>Delivery History, you can view all your delivered campaigns.


    • By clicking on the 3-dots, also known as tri-dots, on the right you get the following functions:
      • View online - Review how the client saw the campaign
      • View stats - Review delivery stats


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