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    Send Campaigns to Opt-In Clients



    In some countries, you are required to ask your clients for their consent before you can send them campaigns or promotions. 

    One easy way to get clients consent, is to ask them to provide it when they contact your business through the system - when sending you a message or scheduling an appointment.

    This article will review how you can add an 'opt-in' field to your Client Portal forms, and how to send campaigns only to clients that have opted in.

    Add an 'opt-in' field to the Client Card

    When adding a field to the client card, you can also make it part of the Client Portal forms. Clients will be required to complete the form before submitting their request.

    • Navigate to Settings>Client Card.
    • From the Add Field section select a Opt-In for campaigns field and click on Add.
    • The default field label will say I'd like to receive campaigns and special offers, but you can customize it to your language.
    • Mark this field as a Required field, and also check all the options under Request from clients online


    *Contact form - clients view

    Create mailing(recipients) group

    In order to send campaigns to clients, you should first filter and tag the clients you want address.

    • From the left navigation pane select Clients.
    • Under Filter Clients on the left, check the opt-in box.
    •  Now you will see all the clients that have opted-in to your campaigns.
    • On the left, the list of clients will be updated according to your filtering rule.


    • Click Select>All and then click on Add Tags.


    • Click on the Add Tag field and type in your tag for example OptIn.
    • You can filter clients based on other parameters and add other tags as needed.


    Send a Campaign to the mailing(recipient) list

    After you've set the mailing list by adding related tags, you can go ahead and send your campaign.

    • From the left navigation pane select Campaigns.
    • Create a new campaign or click to Send on a saved campaign.
    • Select the campaign type and complete the campaign configuration. Click Continue.
    • In the Search client by name, email or tag field type in the OptIn tag and any other related tags.
    • Click on Select All or click only on specific clients to which you want to send the campaign to.
    • Click Continue>Send

    Import clients with 'OptIn' tag

    Click here to learn how you can import clients to your account with OptIn tag.

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