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    Your Business Calendar Overview


    Get More from your Business Calendar

    Say "No!" to double-bookings and lost appointments! Now you can save time, energy & hassle by directly scheduling inside your business calendar.

    Check out the proven benefits you get when scheduling one-on-one appointments or group events directly from your calendar:

    • Reduce no-shows - Thryv sends automatic appointment reminders to your clients by email and SMS.
    • Manage your schedule - Not only can you view you and your staff's upcoming appointments but you can also modify the appointments if needed or block times that you are not available. 
    • Online Scheduling - Invite clients to schedule an appointment. Easy, simple!
    • Manage your schedule from one place - Easily sync your personal Gmail/iCloud/Outlook calendar with your Business calendar for perfect coordination. *Note: You will need to mark your Google calendar as "busy" for it to block out your Thryv calendar once synced.

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    Your Calendar

    To access your business calendar, select CALENDAR from the left navigation pane:



    The Upper Menu



    Schedule New - This button will open a drop-down menu with a selection of actions from which you can choose:

    • Appointment - Allows you to create a new appointment with a client
    • Group event - Allows you to create a group event, then invite clients to register to or register clients yourself
    • Busy time - Allows you to block a specific time range or time slot as 'not available to meet with clients' or if you merely need to set time for a particular task. These times will be excluded from your availability and clients will not have the option to select these times in case you've enabled online scheduling option.
    • Invite to schedule – Send your clients an invitation to schedule an appointment for one of your services directly from their email. *Note - this option is available only if you've enabled online scheduling. 

    Print – Allows you to print your calendar or agenda.
    Calendar Settings - Redirects you to your calendar configurations. Including setting your timezone, preferred time format, setting your business hours and more. 
    Export- Opens a drop-down menu allowing you to either export all of your appointments and events to a CSV or Excel file within a given date range.


    Display Options


    You can choose to view your calendar in the following display options: Day, Week, Month and Agenda.

    Day view: Displays your schedule for a selected day
    Week View: Displays your weekly schedule in a Sunday-Saturday format
    Month View: Displays your monthly schedule at a glance
    Agenda View: A list of all upcoming appointments


    The Right Pane

    Located to the right of your calendar, the right pane consists of two options- Services or Staff.

    Services View


    This tab will list each of your configured services, each offers 3 possible actions:

    • Schedule - Lets you schedule the specific service with one or multiple clients. 
    • Grab a Link and Invite - Grab a link for the specific service online scheduler where your clients can see your availability and schedule time with you (requires enabling the online scheduling option). You can paste that link anywhere your clients find you online - in your email campaigns, website, landing pages and social media. Alternatively, you can send an email invitation directly from your account to one or multiple clients at once.
    • Edit - Takes you to the specific service configuration page where it can be edited.

    Online Scheduling - Located at the bottom of the right side pane, it acknowledges if the online scheduling option is enabled for your clients or not. When this option is enabled, your clients will be able to see your service list on your LiveSite and could schedule a service with you and your team.

    Set Up Online Scheduling - Directs you to the Calendar Settings page.

    Staff View


    This tab will display each of your configured staff members. For each staff member you can:

    • Schedule appointments between any client and the specific staff member.
    • Copy the scheduling link of a specific staff member, or send a client a scheduling invitation on behalf of the staff member.
    • Edit the specific staff member's profile.

    Add Staff Member – Directs you to the staff settings page where you can create and manage your staff profiles and accounts.

    Show all – Will select all your staff members listed and will display all of their calendars (If no staff members are set you will have an option to view only your calendar).

    Ticking individual check boxes next to the relevant team member will display their calendar only. 

    Click here to learn more about staff calendar management.

    Show in one calendar- Checking this box will display all of your staff members' calendars in a single calendar view.

    Leaving this box unchecked, will split your calendar view into individual calendars for each of your staff members as shown below:


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