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    How to Import Clients


    Importing Clients

    You can import clients to your account from your Google contacts or from a CSV/Excel file.

    • From the left navigation bar, click on Clients.
    • Click on the Import button.
    • Choose from where to import: Google Contacts or CSV / Excel file.
    • A list of all your contacts will be presented - you can choose to import all or choose explicitly which contacts to import.
    • By default, the system will only import "new" contacts (clients that their email address doesn't exist in your account) and will not override existing clients' information. If you wish to overwrite your system client details, you can select to Override Existing before clicking on upload.
      Please note that clients are identified according to their email address and not by name.


    Google Contacts

    Importing your contacts from Google is a very straightforward process:

    • On the Import page, click on the Google Contacts button.
    • Choose your Google Account.
    • Accept access to contacts.
    • All your contacts will now be shown, and you can select which ones to import.
    • The following Google Contacts fields will be imported: 
      First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, Phone Number

    Importing from a CSV file or EXCEL file

    1. First, you will have to prepare an Excel or CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Your file should be formatted as a table and must include a header that defines the fields in your table.
    2. If your CSV file contains special characters (or non-ASCII characters) it must be saved in UTF-8 encoding, otherwise, while attempting to upload the file, you will see an error message indicating a bad format. 
      To convert the file to the correct encoding, you should follow these steps:
      1. Open the CSV file by using Notepad or another simple text editor.
      2. Click the File menu, and then click Save As.
      3. In the Encoding list, select UTF-8, and then click Save.
    3. For more detail on importing see article Step by Step Importing Clients

    Pre-defined fields

    Set the column header in your Excel/CSV file to match the fields in your Client Card: 

    • For client email address, the email column should be titled 'E-mail Address.'
    • The file must include 'First Name' and 'Last Name' columns titled accordingly.
    • A column titled 'Phone' and a column titled 'Address' will auto-populate the client phone number and address information in the Client Card.
    • If you wish to import client groups or tags, you can use a column titled 'Tags.'
      Under the Tags column you can specify the possible tags values separated by a vertical bar ( | ) - e.g., tag1|tag2|tag3
    • If your client list is in non-English languages, or if you use special characters in your list, use EXCEL file to upload the contact list
    • Here is an example of how the column headers should look like.


    Custom client fields

    Other than the default information above, you can import additional client information. You just need to make sure that the names of the fields in your Client Card will match the column headers in your Excel file.

    To add/edit the client card fields navigate to Settings>Client Card

    *Please note: Import contacts is not supported for IE 9 and older IE versions

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