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    Add a New Client


    You can quickly view and manage your clients right from your dashboard in Thryv! High-Thryv!

    Whenever a new client contacts or schedules with you through the Client Portal, a Client Card is automatically created for that client in your account including all the information the client provided.

    You can also add new clients to your list even if the client never contacted you before. Double High-Thryv!

    To add a new client, select the Clients menu on the left navigation bar and then click on New Client.

    Provide the client's default information like email (not mandatory), first and last name and even upload your client's photo.

    You can add more fields to the Client Card and save more information about your clients as needed.

    If you have enabled Text/SMS reminders to clients for scheduled appointments, and you've updated the client's phone number on the client card, the Text/SMS reminder will be sent to your client. 



    For a video walkthrough on how to Add a New Client, see below:


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