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What is Command Center?



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    How does this differ from the Inbox inside of Business Center?

    How do you set this up when you have BC Plan that "Free Command Center subscription included."? When going to it takes a while to load and after logging in redirects back to the TBC.

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    Great question!

    Command Center is vastly different from the inbox inside 4.0 Business Center. It contains a reimagined inbox designed to be an all-in-one communication tool that can stand on it's own as a separate product. It is an even more centralized inbox that can include multiple channels including multiple email addresses that consolidate conversations with a single client into a single thread. If a Command Center user also has Business Center, then every contact in their Command Center will also have a client card in Business Center, where a user can see all of that client's information at once. In addition, voice and video calls (with transcribed voicemail) and TeamChat are also included. 

    Command Center started as a Beta for entirely new users and has recently exited beta. As of right now, it isn't available to Classic 4.0 Business Center users (including yourself). The reason for this is that we plan to make it available in such a way that you will not have to start over with new contacts, but can seamlessly transfer your client information so you can pick up right where you left off. We can absolutely make sure you're notified when it is available for current Business Center users to upgrade! 


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